Crystals – Working with Crystals

Crystal therapy, crystal therapy, and elixirs are effective because crystals naturally rebalance our energy flow. Every cell in the body has an electric potential. This means that water is continuously flowing through it. Blood plasma, which is more than 90% water, contains everything we need to live. Everything is distributed around the body through rivers of liquid, more bonuses.

Water is a Polar Molecule, meaning that it responds to an electrical charge. Crystals also have an natural electrical effect. Placing crystals on our bodies will balance the electric charge.

One effect of crystals’ electrical properties is the PIEZOELECTRIC, which is caused due to pressure. The other is the PYROELECTRIC, which is caused because of a temperature or heat change. A solid-state electrical field is also present in quartz crystal, and it can affect a considerable area of about 2-3 feet. However, the size of crystals does not impact the electrical properties. Sometimes you will notice more energy with larger crystals. Crystals’ atomic structure makes them ideal for helping us release congested energy.

Water responds to the conditions it is in; water that is not well-treated will result in poor quality. Dr Masaru Emmoto has studied frozen water crystals and found that water responds to thoughts, speech, and music.

A crystal is a mostly solid mass of minerals. These minerals can fall from space, creating pieces of meteorites. Or, when they land on the Earth, the heat can cause minerals to fuse together. Moldavite (or Moldavite) is a crystal which formed about 14.8 million years ago after a large meteorite crashed onto the Earth. Scientists differ on whether Moldavite resulted from the meteorite or if it was created by the crash landing.

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