Deck Railings Are For Safety And Elegance

Deck Railings: The essential accessory

The deck should be connected to the railings. A deck without railings is dangerous and could even be against building codes. If you do not adhere to the codes for deck railings you can be subjected to unnecessary harassment by others, especially in a society as litigious. Do not take chances and build your deck railings. Sometimes we are tempted to use a lower deck railing height that what the building code requires. This should be prohibited. Visit our website and learn more about railing builders trusted.

Decks and railings code

There are many building codes that vary from one state to the next, but they all agree that a deck greater than 3ft from another horizontal surface should be protected. It is possible to have a wall built, although it may not be brick and mortar but wall.

Options Available for Deck Railings

Deck railings have two main purposes. One is to ensure safety. Two, they add elegance and beauty to the building. Multicolored railings may be used to give the building a distinctive appearance. There are many materials to choose from: aluminum, PVC wood or a combination of them all. This combination is very rare.

Requirement for Railings

There are two things you should remember when installing the railing.

1. Height of the railing: Refer to the code for your type of material to determine the height. The code for your town or state may have a requirement regarding the height. In general, the height should not be less than thirty inches.

2. Construction of the railings. Railings will be built at specified intervals according to your city’s code and the material you plan to use. The strength of your material will dictate the design. A deck railing would contain a top rail, a rail and verticals. It should be spaced so that children can’t slip through the verticals. The bottom rail makes it look elegant and helps keep costs down. A vertical should not be tied to the ground. The top rail could be a single or two rails, each measuring approximately 6″. Two railings give you more strength. The lower rail allows you to attach verticals.

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