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I get asked a lot of questions about natural moldavites Inner Vision Crystals. I have a tip for your benefit as well as a discount code. Organic Moldavites is my recommendation if you are looking for a trustworthy e-shop. Here you will find over 1700 raw natural moldavites with varying sizes and prices. These pieces can be investment pieces or just a few dollars. You can also buy pendants, necklaces, or other jewellery made with moldavites.

Paypal provides secure payment options. You can also pay without a Paypal account. This gives you great protection in case of any problems with the moldavite seller. not only ships all over the world but also enables you to return any purchase for free. Shipping fees for orders exceeding $75 are free. For smaller orders, shipping costs to destinations is $2.9

It may be beneficial to mentally prepare for wearing your Moldavite. Moldavite can be paired with quartz, rose quartz. citrine, tanzanite and many other stones. It has the ability to increase the energy of all stones it is paired. Or, you can just wear it as it is, and say “Bring it on!”

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