For The Best Car Performance, Detail Your Car

Car ownership is most people’s second biggest investment. You would want your car in the best possible condition important site. Not only is it important to keep the engine of one’s car running, but so is its paintwork. The car’s overall health and the care it receives from its owner will be reflected in the condition of its paintwork. If you are selling your vehicle, it is crucial that your paintwork is in top condition. Perfectly painted cars will give the impression that the owner has taken good care of them and therefore fetch a higher price. Continue reading to learn how you can make your car look like new and restore its value at a minimum cost.

To begin, place a generous amount car wash or dishwashing soap into a pan of warm water. You will be able to wash your car with dishwashing detergents. You should give your car a thorough clean. Make sure to get into any tight areas like the door handle and in between your alloy wheel spokes. Microfiber clothing is best to avoid any scratches that rag can cause.

Next, claying is required. Spray the area with the mixture. Now, kneel a small bit of clay you can comfortably hold with your fingers. Then, rub the clay all over the sprayed area. To apply the paint to the top of your car, you should use a front-and-back motion. To apply the paint to the sides of the car use an up-down motion. Continue to rub over the same area until paint is smooth. To wash away clay from the car, thoroughly rinse it with water before drying it. Next, apply polish to reduce hairline cracks. Polish a small area by using circular motions on the top, side, and back. Most polish manufacturers recommend this method. After the polish has dried completely, you can use a second 100% cotton towel to wipe off any remaining polish. To achieve the best results, repeat all steps no less than 3 times.
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