How to choose the best cladding materials for your home

This may not be an important consideration when we are working on the exterior of your house. This factor is important because you may live in the same house for many years. You can also choose from a variety of cladding materials on the market. You have more options which makes it easier to choose the right cladding material. We can be creative while not worrying too much about the cost. You can see CSS Cladding for more information.

It doesn’t matter if you hire an architect to design your exterior, or if you do the work yourself. Consider these cladding options when you are designing your forever house.

Fiber cement- If you’re willing to spend a lot on your exterior, this is the right choice. This option is durable and does have a high price. It can enhance the exterior appearance of your house. Because they are easy to install, many people choose this cladding material. They come pre-painted and will give your house a classic, yet elegant look.
Bricks – Bricks are used mainly in construction. It is also used to create the foundation for your house. To attach to the inner wall, the brick or stone slip can be secured with a metal mesh. It is available in panels. This is a more expensive option because the bricks used in laying the foundation are much cheaper than the ones used for exterior decoration. Because they are easy to install, they are a top choice for architects.
Wood- This traditional choice for cladding systems can give your house a luxurious look. For this purpose, most people use timber. This is not a good choice for many reasons. Why? Because timber is sensitive to weather changes. It may lose its color due to the sun or rain. While many manufacturers claim that the color can be chemically preserved, there are always slight changes in color. While it can work well in places where it doesn’t rain often, it could be detrimental to your cladding.
Render- This is the best choice for those who love a smooth look. This cladding material can also be used on top of other claddings. Because each layer of the render has a strong pigment, the cladding will never lose its color. It is used for increasing the warmth in a house. It is one of the most widely used claddings in Singapore. Professionals are required to apply render. It takes around three days to complete.

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