Men’s rings in style

When does a ring cease to be a man-sized ring? In jewellery, it seems like there is cross-fertilization. Unisex clothing has given permission for jewellery to be unisex. For men, you can now purchase anything, including gemstones and diamonds set in gold as well as titanium rings. You would have seen men’s rings only as classic wedding bands. You can see statement rings men for more information.

You can find a variety of styles and sizes in men’s rings. It’s no surprise that men’s rings range from the flashy, flamboyant bling of MTV to sophisticated silver titanium rings. P Diddy and other pop stars have helped to make diamond-encrusted jewellery popular. For jewellery retailers, celebrities and actors are now walking billboards. They will do anything to get exposure for their jewellery items.

Accessorizing is all about men’s watches, rings and anything else a man can show off is key. Verdict research has revealed that British men and woman spend PS2.1billion each year on accessories. One in five of those is spent on watches, jewellery, and watches. Men’s rings may be as important an accessory for men as watches or the latest cell phone. Indian young men show a similar trend, with more women openly showing their feminine side. The sales of men’s ring, bracelet and earrings has risen in India’s major cities.

I asked a few men their views on rings. Many responses varied, from indifference to more cautious, measured opinions. The one who said it was classy would agree. Another one frowned at the thought. He said, “Well, it’s like putting ten tons of weights on you fingers. Not good when you are typing on your laptop.” Well. It’s not an easy choice for all men. Most people are just as entertained by the notion of being fashionable with trendy jeans and a tee shirt.

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