Moldavite Is a Rare and Elusive Mineral

Moldavite can be a beautiful stone. Its rarity is one of the reasons it is so unique. How rare is it? Inner Vision Crystals has the inside word. You can purchase moldavite.

It is important to note that moldavite occurs only in the Czech Republic. Moldavite can be found only in one country, the Czech Republic. There is limited moldavite available, which means that getting it takes time and effort.

Other factors also contribute to moldavite’s rarity. Also, moldavite can be tektite. This type of glass forms when a meteorite strikes the Earth. It is a tektite that forms when rocks and mineral surrounding the impact are fused by the intense heat and high pressure.

A meteorite strike in the Czech Republic is directly responsible for moldavite. This makes it even more rare and special.

However, the story is far from over. Moldavite has also been described as a fragile stone. A rough surface can be easily damaged or scratched due to its intense heat. As a result, finding moldavite gemstones that are free from imperfections and of high quality is more challenging.

It is last to address the problem of counterfeits and imitators. In the wake of moldavite’s popularity surge, many vendors now sell fake or model stones. Inner Vision Crystals follows a strict verification procedure to make sure all of their stones are authentic.

Everyone, there’s your answer. Moldavite has a limited geographical distribution and delicate surface. It is also rare because of its high number of fakes. Inner Vision Crystals sells the authentic article and is committed to making the world aware of its strength and beauty.

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