Prepare Your Hardwood Floor Installation

The flooring must be leveled correctly go to my blog, whether you’re installing it for a client or yourself. If you want your hardwood floor to last many years, make sure that it is properly leveled. The subfloor will be the base for all types of flooring, including hardwood. Examining the subfloor will help you determine what leveling technique to use and how much flooring material you’ll need.

Customers should plan ahead because installing hardwood floors is expensive. Customers are interested not just in material costs but also installation. The customers are not surprised to learn that leveling is expensive. The installation of the system is crucial, but homeowners will save money by spending more. You can use anything from old hardwood to carpet or vinyl. You will need to convince the client that all flooring in the area where the new hardwood is going to be installed must be removed. If you want to fix any subfloor issues as quickly as possible, this is the only way to go.

You may be told by some customers to simply place the new hardwood flooring on top of the old. This type of installation will require you to consider the height and level your floor as well as its effect on the opening and closing of doors, as well as how it interacts with other flooring types and tiles. The customer will save money by doing this. The honest floor installers will always earn more.

The main part and first step of installation is leveling. Your house must be leveled. You don’t need to do it again because your house is constantly moving and shrinking. You may have done a leveling incorrectly. Do not rush to fill in a large gap with the leveling compounds. Pour a small amount of adjustment compound into a primer. You can pour more compound after the primer has dried.

Without primer, you will end up with layers of flooring which look like McDonald’s hamburgers. You can also fill the deep pit with a floor leveling product. This will cause the compound under the hardwood to crumble. Your installation will not only be more beautiful but also better in terms of quality and reliability.

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