The Best Grills Under $400: Great Quality Without Breaking the Bank

Many people are unaware of the difference between BBQing and Grilling. Most people imagine having a great time on a BBQ grill when they host a BBQ or are invited to one. It turns out that they were using the incorrect term. In a strict sense, they should be referring to a BBQ event as a “grilling party” rather than an actual BBQ. We’ll look at a few of the main differences between barbecue and grilling. Read more now on a review by Thomas Francis of the Best Grills Under $400

Source of heat

You can generally think of grilling in terms of fast cooking at high temperatures. Grilling is often the cooking style that is used at a BBQ. Direct heat is used to cook the food on a grill. It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional grill, or one that uses charcoal. Food is always cooked near the source of the heat. BBQ on the contrary is often characterized as slow, low temperature cooking. The food in a true barbeque is heated indirectly.

You can cook for as long as you like

Time of cooking is related to heat source. As we have already explained, grilling food takes very little time because it is directly heated by the source of heat. Grillers who are seasoned know to choose expensive, high-grade cuts of meat for grilling. The meats can be cooked very quickly when cooked on an open flame. Normally, meats that are seared on the outside retain their juices inside, making for a very tasty meal. If you’re talking about real BBQ then the cooking time is at least a few days. If you listen to BBQ fans talk about cooking meat “low-and-slow”, you’ll understand the reason. Typically, barbeques use tougher cuts that are more affordable. If these meats cook at low temperature for longer periods of time they become more tender and the juices stay in.


It is impossible to enjoy a flavor that originates from heat when grilling. The best way to make grilled meats flavorful is by using the finest cuts. BBQed meats are completely different to grilled because they absorb all of the flavor. Barbecues can use a variety of types wood, which gives the meats an unmistakable flavor.

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