The Dark Secret About Healing And Recovery

I wrote this book in order to show an alternative to “The Secret”, a book by Rhonda Whyrne. Her material is amazing, but she overlooks an important point. It is a dark secret which prevents us experiencing the joy we deserve healing recovery prayer.

My book can be described as a combination of a self guide and an inspirational guide. Most importantly, it contributes to our understanding about the profession of social work as well the new field called Life Coaching.

If we choose the positive, we can have a better and happier life. But, this can pose significant challenges for our culture and us.

We live in exciting times, full of opportunity and great folly. America still offers hope, direction, or solutions to the world. America continues to be a land that is majestic in beauty, offers endless opportunities, prosperity, and abundant.

America stands before our eyes, transfixed in the rhythm of automobile engine, entangled with a war on liberation.

As ambulances rush through our streets, you can hear the wailing sirens and see flashing lights. As you jog in city parks or stroll through the neighborhood parks, look out for women at risk. Youngsters are attacked by gunmen in schools, airport terminals, or McDonald’s. In subway stations, private residences, and parking lots, robbers take advantage of the unsuspecting.

Many college-educated graduates can’t read or create, and many graduates of high schools can’t find good jobs. More clergy abandon their vows and end-up in court or prison. Half of all eligible voters do not vote.

Millions work hard to support their basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and other necessities. About forty-four million Americans lack healthcare insurance. More than half of our bankruptcy filings are due to unmanageable healthcare costs. But our political system still passes laws that make it more difficult to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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