The Facial Plastic Surgery that Makes A Difference

It is not surprising that consumers don’t know which procedures to choose. Researching the surgeon and the treatment you’re considering is important. Continue?

Some potential patients believe that they will look tight or stretched if they undergo a facial lift. The truth couldn’t be further away. A well-done facelift shouldn’t be visible to anyone else. A poorly done facial plastic surgery is when a stranger tells you that it was performed. If they see someone looking young for their age, they are likely to have undergone a well-done facial plastic surgery.

Facial rejuvenation can be done in many ways. There are treatments that require less surgery than others. The difference between the results of Botox and fillers versus surgery is often confusing to patients. The surgery is intended to correct sagging tissues and loose skin that has descended due to gravity and aging. Botox, a neurotoxin, prevents the nerves from functioning. The toxin actually stops the facial muscles from responding when nerves send signals. The wrinkles that appear when muscles are not moving look smoother. Botox may cause an unnaturally frozen appearance in certain patients. This is the reason I do not use Botox in my office. Injectable fillers can smooth wrinkles and lines by injecting them into the area. Fillers come in different types and last from 4 months up to 2 years.

I believe that the best result is achieved when patients have signs of facial ageing, such as sagging tissue, wrinkles, furrows, and aged looking skin. This includes skin care, injectable fillers, or surgery. The result will be less than optimal if any one of these three components is omitted. Patients may not know which surgeries will work best for them. Many patients are looking for the most effective and long-lasting result, while others look to shortcuts because they’re less expensive or faster recovery. Unfortunately, many of the treatments advertised are not lasting over time and can cost a lot. Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in performing at least 25 facelifts per year to avoid this pitfall.

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