The Metaphysical Analysis of Demise and Existence Immediately after Death Portion One

Over the centuries, humankind has seen death as something horrible and terrible. With the possible prospect of death at any moment, and the possibility of losing all of their identity, humanity regards death as something to fear. This fear is reinforced when it is discovered that the majority of those dying experience pain and agony in the final days. The fear of the end is actually man’s fear with the unknowable. This indicates man’s attachment to his ignorance that eventually becomes superstitious expressions. Because of this fear, people try to prevent death by taking medication. But, medical science has yet to find a way to extend life indefinitely. It is possible to determine the true nature of death and free yourself from the bonds of fear and superstitions that bind you to it. This awareness may depend on private knowledge, but beliefs to the contrary places an illusory border on the unfolding soul. Alice Bailey produced “A Treatise on White Magic” for that Tibetan. It refers to man’s fears about losing his life. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on preparation of ayahuasca

“The mind is so limited that anxiety in terrors and unknowns, and attachment to types have brought about a situation in which one of the most beneficent occurrences in the existence cycle incarnating Son God can be seen as something to be stopped and postponed for as lengthy as you can.” (1972:494)

It is clear from her statement that one of the triggers for a gentleman to struggle towards death, will be his attachment to a type. Identification of the Self with the physical type leads to the false belief that the dissolution of the body will result in the extermination of the Self. Sri Sankaracharya (the eminent Advaita Vedanta exponent) taught that the illusionary thoughts combined with beliefs from truth of type results in bondage or Cosmic Illusion. Philosophically, this is the state that leads to duality. If a person does not perceive the One Truth under the dualistic worlds and knows his true nature, he can live in anxiety or slavery. What is serious can’t be destroyed, what is real won’t exist except for our false perceptions and knowing. This is known as avidya, also called ignorance. It is possible to grasp the true nature of points by dying. The divine estate is when one’s consciousness is expanded, raised and elevated to the level of Actuality. Death is then revealed for what it truly is. Bailey fails to mention the possibility that the soul-process known as “death”, can be experienced in the meditative state. This is called “dying when dwelling” by mystics. State-of-the art mystics are able to predetermine time and systems in their physical and mystical death. They have divine authorization. The beauty known as Marifatullah is an Islamic gnostic’s description of mystical death. We won’t dwell on the mystical side of this paper, but will instead focus more on the physical aspects of death.

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