Tips for Recovering Facades

The facade of a house typically has many different elements and materials: doors, windows as well as joints and coatings. Visit our website and learn more about

Each of these materials have a different response to water. Some materials absorb water, while others absorb it. Others are fully waterproof and some only permeable for vapor.

The major effect of water on the facades was through run-off and staining, but the worst consequence was the damage to the housing interior.

Apart from natural wear, any anomalies on walls should be the result of the following factors:

Movements in the structure
Maintaining a poor maintenance record.
Deficiencies in Construction
Caracteristics of the coating currently in use

Painting facades

For a house to be protected effectively, its facade should be kept in top condition.

A damaged coating can cause damage to the housing’s barrier function and compromise its quality.

Hints, Tips

It is crucial that facades of a dwelling are in good condition.
If the facades show signs or symptoms of damage, they should be rehabilitated.
The speed and rate of decay will depend on many factors, including the place where the house is located and the materials used.
The materials will begin to deteriorate faster if they are located in an extremely rough area. It is vital that the materials are high quality.
The quality and time taken for the surface to degrade has an impact on the quality of the applied paint.
If there are rain chances, painting a facade must not be initiated. This should be done in accordance with the country’s geographical area (south/north), and generally between the months September and May.
It is not recommended that you apply the paint onto very hot supports in order to avoid cracking.
It is also advised not to apply the paint below 5°C and above 80% relative humidity.
Outdoors, use only high-quality paint. This is a great rule.
If paint is not properly protected, it will quickly deteriorate and lead to cheap paint.

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