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How do online traders make money? The two part report explains in a clear and simple way how you can avoid common pitfalls when trading forex and make more money. You should trade pairs and not currencies. As with any relationship, it is important to understand both sides. Forex trading success or failure depends on being correct about the impact of both currencies, and not just one.

Knowing is Power! Before you start trading online forex, you need to understand its basics if you are going to get the best return on your investment.

Global news and events are the main Forex influencers. Say, for example, that an ECB announcement is made on European interest rate which will typically cause a flurry activity. The majority of newcomers will react to such news by closing their positions. They miss some great trading opportunities because they wait until the market settles. Forex market volatility is what offers the most potential, and not its calmness.

Trading without ambition – New traders often place tight orders to make small profits. It is not sustainable because, although it may work in the short term (if you’re lucky), the risk of losing money in the long run is high. This is due to the fact that you must recover the difference in price between the offer and ask before you can profit.

Too cautious trading – Just like the trader that tries to make small profits every time, a trader placing tight stop loss with a forex retail broker will be doomed. You must give the position an opportunity to prove its worth. You will lose money if you do not place stop losses which allow the trader to produce.

Independence _ _ If you’re new to Forex, you may decide to either trade yourself or have your broker do it. So far, so good. Your risk of loss increases exponentially when you do either of the following:

Do not interfere with the work of your broker (since his strategy may require an extended gestation);

Do not seek advice from multiple sources. This will result in numerous losses. You can take a stand, then ride it out and analyse the results – for yourself.

Small margins – Margin Trading is a great way to make money in forex trading. It allows you trade much larger amounts than your deposit. It can be risky for novice forex traders, as it appeals to greed which is the killer of many traders. As you gain experience, increase your leverage.

There is no strategy – Making money does not require a trading plan. Your strategy will show you how to plan your money-making. It outlines the strategy you’ll use, including which currencies to trade, and how to manage risk. You could be one of 90% of traders who lose money without a plan.

Trading off-peak Hours – Hedge funds, professional FX traders and option traders have a significant advantage when trading during the hours between 2200 CET to 1000 CET. They can move their positions around and hedge them at a time where there are fewer trades (reduced risk). Trading during off-peak hours can be a risky business.

There is only one way to go – If the market goes up, it is going up. The market goes down when it is down. That’s it. Many systems can analyse the past, but no one is able to accurately predict future trends. You’ll find it hard to place blame on anyone else if you accept that what is going on is the market simply changing.

Trade the news. The majority of market movements occur during news releases. The volume of trading is very high, and there are big moves. This means that the best time to trade is when new is announced. The big players will adjust their position and the prices may change, resulting in serious currency flows.

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